5 Steps to Get Your Dream Job

In the world of numerous career opportunities, choosing the right career is still a nightmare for every job seeker. Job seekers are unsure about the starting point and fail to include things that are quite indispensable for success in the job-hunt process.

Not only that, the process of searching and applying for such a position is accompanied by challenges that make job search an often unpleasant exhausting experience.

Here’s how Epitome’s career builder comes with a structured 5 step idea that helps you in the entire process of job-hunting and lands you the dream career.

Know the Top Recommended Jobs For Your Profile

Built upon a robust AI environment, Epitome career builder utilizes cutting edge technologies and machine learning algorithms to conquer the job search for you at ease.

Smart Job Recommender

Epitome’s Smart Job Recommender will list the most relevant job roles for you, curated to match your preferences, interests, and skillsets. This unique AI-powered feature not only provides the list of jobs and their descriptions but also allows you to view:

  • Profile Match:  Know how much your profile fits the job
  • Upskilling: Learn not just about the skills that are required for the job but also how you could upskill for similar job opportunities

By delivering the list of personalized job recommendations in a few seconds, epitome’s job search engine saves a huge amount of time & effort spent on surfing unrelated job profiles.

Gain Personalized Data-Driven Insights on Your Dream Job & Industry

Job search is just another prime part of the career building process, which is where our insightful platform analytics help you understand the job landscape and acquire the skills needed to land on your dream job.

Epitome’s platform allows you to learn about the salary ranges of people working in similar job roles as yours so you can make informed decisions about what path your career should take. Our data-rich platform allows job seekers to view the salary insights of a diverse range of job roles.

Job Market Information

Unlike other job boards portals, some of the unique and insightful features offered by epitome.ai to augment your job search process are:

  1. Epitome Job Similarity Analyser browses through thousands of job postings to find other jobs that most closely match your search query.
  2. Epitome Job Transition Intelligence analyses thousands of job postings to identify the kind of jobs people in your current profile typically switch to.

Epitome Smart Company Switch analyses thousands of job postings to identify and recommend the kind of companies that people in your current profile typically switch to.

Find & Unlock Your Job-Specific Skills To Start Upskilling Right Away

The pre-final stage to get your dream job is here. 

Yes, upskilling comes as an indispensable part of career growth. With the number of learning resources available online, you are open to a diverse set of upskilling options. But do you know the exact job-specific skill sets that you need to work on to achieve your career goal?

If not, fret not, you aren’t alone! 

Understanding the skills required to land a job or upskill on the current job is still the greatest challenge seen among a lot of job seekers and working professionals.

epitome.ai comes with state-of-the-art features to save you time and effort on getting started with a goal-focused upskilling path.

  • Epitome’s Intelligent Skill Recommender
  • Epitome’s Intelligent Course Recommender
Skill and Course Recommendations

Epitome’s skill recommendation engine fires up to provide the job-specific skills personalized to your existing or desired job whereas the intelligent course recommendation engine ranks and recommends the most relevant options from over 40,000 courses to accelerate your upskilling journey.

Looking for an intelligent centralized platform to build, upskill & land your dream job?

Build Your Job-Winning Resume in Minutes

A great resume is one that is well-structured and includes every essential information on the qualifications, skills and abilities of the candidates. With numerous applications in hand, it is quite evident that employers get a very short time to run through each of the resumes. Hence candidates must restrain themselves from including irrelevant information that might annoy the employer.

Built upon a robust AI environment, epitome’s smart resume building technology makes sure that every candidate has a top-of-the-line resume prior to the job search that markets their unique strengths to the employers.

Apply For Your Dream Job

Here we’re at the final stage of the job search process. 

Epitome’s user-friendly platform allows you to apply for a job at ease. All you have to do is enter your dream job and hit search.

Find Your Dream Job at Dream Company

Epitome’s Smart Job Search Engine picks for you the right jobs among thousands of opportunities available worldwide, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Looking to upskill and step up on your career?