AI in HR: How tech-enabled career paths can unlock better career opportunities

What career opportunities are best suited for me? ​

This is a question that all professionals ask, at one point or another, in their careers – especially in today’s fast job market with multiple career options. However, somewhat counterintuitively, such a wealth of options can make choosing the ideal career path a bit difficult.

What career opportunities are best suited for me?

And, so, the question for you, as a jobseeker, becomes: is there a way to demystify this paradox of choice?

Yes, there is.

Cutting-edge technologies such as AI have already altered the way we consume information and make decisions – and AI in HR is now transforming both the jobs and talent acquisition landscape for the better. It is also allowing you to hypercharge your career by empowering you with the ability to make more informed decisions.

Your Career Path Finder: Why you should be aware of the Role of AI in HR

Before delving deeper into how technology can help you make better career decisions, let us first consider: how do you get to a place you wish to reach? Say, you live in New Delhi and must reach Juhu, Mumbai, for an important meeting. How do you get there?

When planning for the travel, you will have a checklist like the below one.

Checklist - Travel

Obviously, all these decisions can be made at the eleventh hour, depending on the situation. But, if you plan and prepare in advance, you can avoid last-minute hiccups. For instance, if direct flights, trains, or buses to Mumbai are not available on the given date, you can explore alternate routes via connecting flights, trains, and buses. With advance planning and informed decision-making, not only will you reach your destination without hassle but also cost-optimally and time-efficiently. You will even have the luxury to make stopovers at certain locations if you choose. 

In other words, you can make informed decisions. 

The role of artificial intelligence in your career trajectory is not much different. It helps you make informed decisions and reach your career milestones, time-efficiently and cost-effectively. In fact, it can even create these milestones for you and, after analyzing thousands of industry and profile-specific parameters, guides your upskilling strategy.

AI in HR

That said, you must also be aware of how employers are filling their job vacancies. In other words, how they are currently driving their talent acquisition processes and how you can better position yourself according to them. After all, there is no point in queuing up at the ticketing window of the airport/station if all tickets have already been booked. 

For organizations, in a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence is driving across-the-board operations, including personnel management and HR functions, to enable superior talent acquisition and reduce attrition. Such technological integrations are gradually speeding up as the global job market embraces digital processes in the wake of the pandemic. 

Using AI to Your Advantage: Replacing ‘Speculations’ with ‘Informed Decisions’

To make the best use of technology to accelerate your career progression, you must follow these steps.

  • Analyze Yourself: Jot down your career goals, skillset, interests, hobbies, and preferences. Make this analysis as thorough as possible.
  • Comb This Data: Remove the scope of any blind spot or error by asking your friends and/or family about relevant aspects (such as your skillset, interests, hobbies, and/or preferences). They may come up with something that you may have missed during self-analysis.
  • Set Career Goal(s): Pick a career goal if not done already. Based on your initial analysis, determine what industries suit you the best. Using AI-based platforms such as Epitome Career Builder, you can visualize skill demand across multiple industries. Such platforms even help you gauge the average pay scale for specific jobs and profiles. You only need to upload your resume on the platform to automatically fetch the relevant details.
  • Create Achievable Milestones: We live in a world of continuous learning. The only way to reach new heights viz. our career progression is through strategic upskilling. But “how should I create my upskilling strategy” is a question that many – freshers and seasoned professionals alike – ask. Creating achievable milestones based on your current skills and the ones that you must possess can help you streamline your upskilling journey and land your dream job.
  • Career Path: Understand your career path. For instance, if you’re a developer and want to become Chief Technology Officer, your most logical career path is first aiming for a role – such as Enterprise Architect – and acquiring newer skills to climb up the ladder. AI-driven platforms can help you here by providing access to guided career roadmaps that factor in your dream job and company.
Career Roadmap for Software Developer
  • Upskill: Now, upskill yourself based on your milestones or your guided career roadmap. AI-driven upskilling platforms curate the most in-demand upskilling courses that are further personalized based on your unique profile.
  • Search Job: It’s finally time to walk on your new, tech-enabled career path and tap the finest job opportunities available in the market. Here, AI-powered personalized job search platforms will help you receive top job recommendations and suggest the best companies you can work with, based on your long-term priorities.
AI-powered personalized job search platforms

Lastly, when picking a career building platform, try to simplify things for yourself as much as possible. It is always better to have a unified platform that can serve as a one-stop destination for your end-to-end needs, from job search to career guidance and upskilling.

In the modern era, informed decision-making is of prime importance. Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence is sifting through voluminous data to help you with it… one decision at a time!

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