Best Online Portals For Interview Preparation

Finding a job in India is a challenge. Thousands of applicants competing for a single position and getting selected for the next round is magical. 

Interviews are the key element of every hiring process. To get the dream job everybody would have to erase multiple sets of interviews and tests.

To prepare for interviews, people usually seek “What are the best websites for preparing interviews?” All they get are various websites and they have to try them all out to find the best. There are thousands of job portals that describe themselves as the best. We’re here to help you find the best, internet offers.

So here are five of the best job portals you should know. Let’s check it out.

  1. Naukri
  2. Linkedin
  3. Indeed
  4. Glassdoor


Naukri is one of the oldest and famous job portals in India. This platform has thousands of job opportunities listed along with the position you wish to apply for. The website is updated daily with job postings by recruiters. Watch out! Some candidates drop some important interview questions with answers.


  • One of the leading job search sites with articles related to the interview, reviews related to the previous interview taken by the candidates, etc.
  • Currently, it holds the number one position as a job site in India for every parameter—page view, reach and traffic.


  • There is no verification of the content posted by the candidates who completed the interview.
  • There are no professionals or mentors to provide information about interview preparation.


LinkedIn is a popular professional networking site and is not a typical job portal. It operates somewhat differently than traditional job portals. Linkedin has a feature that allows you to find the most frequently asked interview questions with a premium subscription. You also get the chance to connect with various industry professionals around the globe to gain insights on building your career.


  • LinkedIn has successfully created a niche for itself by focusing on professionals and mentors who are willing to share their ideas/experiences on interview preparation.


  • The annual and monthly membership to access LinkedIn Premium is costly.


Indeed, is a US-based job portal that has now gone around the world, including India. Apart from job posts, the site also features company reviews and ratings. So that job seekers have an idea about the company they are applying to. Like Naukri, you can check for interview questions posted by other candidates.


  • Indeed is known for its articles related to interview prep which helps you to ace the interview with confidence.


  • There are no professionals or mentor communities who can guide you with interview insights.


Glassdoor is a job portal where the current and ex-employees rate the company. So you get insights on where to apply for. Like any other portal, you will find some helpful interview questions that are commonly asked in the interview. There are interview preparation tips provided by employees who have already completed interviews for a specific company.


  • Glassdoor is one of the best platforms where employees share their interview experiences.
  • You can check for the questions asked by the specified company that you are targeting.


  • Absence of the employee verification system to validate the reviews and interview questions shared by the people. is one of the powerful AI-First platforms that helps millions of freshers and job seekers build an exceptional profile, grow their skills and easily pursue their dream careers. The resume builder is one of the useful tools for writing your resume by highlighting your skills and strengths.

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From job search and opportunity discovery to career guidance and upskilling, this all-in-one platform will help you find your dream job easily. 

Professional mentoring tips will help you solve interview questions with ease.


  • All the latest job openings are updated on the platform at frequent intervals.
  • Industry experts give virtual talks on the platform, where freshers and job seekers can gain insights to crack the interview with flying colors.
  • serves as the powerhouse of free upskilling courses for jobseekers to sharpen their skills.
  • Candidates can apply for campus placements directly from the platform.


  1. Small, but ever-growing list of top jobs from companies.


Landing your dream job is not easy. But with the right platform, career guidance and professional skills, you can crack any interview with flying colours.

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