How to Upskill Your Workforce For Greater ROI?

When asked about upskilling and reskilling of employees to the digital age – Rainer Strack, Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group, Dusseldorf quoted,

“A lot of people and, almost everyone has to be upskilled within the existing job they’re doing, because the job itself is changing in such a rapid kind of way.”

Organizations have started to realize that investing in the upskilling plan of employees is indispensable to accelerate workforce productivity and leverage business. 

As employers are looking to re-energize the learning and capabilities of their employees, we’ve curated some of the excellent ways to upskill the workforce that brings greater ROI.

Employ new-gen digital learning methods

Identifying the learning method is the prime focus prior to developing an upskilling plan for the employees. The companies must realize that the old school practice will no longer work and shift their focus on interactive and engaging learning methods that captivate the current-gen workforce.

Here are some of the trending employee training methods incorporated by the learning and development department of top corporations.

  • Gamified learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Personalized learning
  • Collaborative learning

Utilize EdTech platforms for ready-made learning content

In certain cases, creating the training curriculum and interactive learning content for the employee upskilling program requires a lot of professional help. This is where EdTech platforms emerge as a deal-breaker and time-saver by delivering ready-made learning content for the corporate upskilling programs.

Here are some of the EdTech platforms that provide learning content for the employee upskilling program.

  1. Pluralsight Skills
  2. Udemy for Business
  3. LinkedIn Learning
  4. Skillsoft
  5. Coursera for Business
  6. edX for Business

With the amount of learning resources available online, handpicking the right course for your employees becomes a tedious process. Here’s when epitome’s course recommendation engine comes to the rescue by finding the best relevant courses for your workforce.

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Leverage employee engagement with discussion forum

Collaborative learning practice increases your employee engagement rate in the training and development programs. And, discussion forums are one of the great ways that pave the way for the concept of social learning. This virtual interactive space allows employees to connect with like-minded peers where they can share their experiences, discuss, learn and upskill to the best.

Reward employees for their upskilling efforts

Upskilling is a persistent process that doesn’t stop with a single learning and development program. Hence it is your duty to create a driving force that encourages your employees to upskill more and perform best on the upcoming programs. 

Recognize the upskilling efforts of your employees with considerable incentives and rewards. This simple yet effective act of recognition will increase the employee participation rate in the training and development programs.

Build a customized training curriculum for each of your employees

With the help of effective talent management software in the market, you can assess the strong and weak zones of your workforce. In accordance with that, you can build a top of line personalized learning content for each of your employees. This in turn allows employees to spend quality upskilling time on their actual areas of improvement and not waste time and money on external courses which might not be in line with their career path.

A greater percent of learning and development professionals believe that personalized learning content has competitive advantages over generic content.

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