How to Upskill Yourself at Zero Cost Whilst Working From Home?

“Covid-19 has changed the whole job industry to a great extent and this is the time to upskill yourselves so you remain a valuable employee in the post-Covid era.”

Yes, the post-pandemic era has made the workforce realize the importance of upskilling and a lot of recent graduates and job seekers are on the hunt for the best possible ways to upskill themselves. Hence we’ve consolidated some of the most effective tips to upskill yourself while working remotely.

Make use of L&D programs offered by your organization

If your employer is offering you upskilling programs, take that up.

Here’s why you should prioritize internal L&D programs to upskill.

  • Zero cost in 99.9% of scenarios
  • Customized Curriculum

We live in an era where companies have started incorporating talent management software to evaluate the strong and weak zones of their workforce. In accordance with that, they’re able to customize the curriculum of learning and development programs for each of their employees. This, in turn, allows employees to spend quality upskilling time on their areas of improvement and not waste time and money on external courses which might not be in line with their career path.

Hence if you’re the one looking to upskill for free and grow internally in the same industry, this can be your go-to choice.

Step forward and take up a course of your choice

It is true that some employers don’t provide upskilling programs to their workforce due to the fear of not receiving assured positive ROI, budget issues and other reasons. But that need not stop you from upskilling.

The internet is flooded with a huge range of free upskilling courses across various expertise. You can take up any course of your choice and start upskilling right away.

Searching for the right upskilling course that matches your interest?

Choose the right platform that provides free upskilling programs

Type “free upskilling programs” on Google.

You’ll get tonnes of learning resources from various edtech platforms at absolutely free of cost. Here’s the list of major online upskilling course providers.

  1. LinkedIn Learning
  2. Coursera
  3. Udemy
  4. HubSpot Academy
  5. Khan Academy
  6. edX
  7. Simplilearn
  8. Udacity

These platforms enable learners to access free online courses from the leading institutions worldwide and also provide certificates on successful course completion.

However, diving into these platforms and choosing a relevant course is a time-consuming process. Hence we recommend the AI-driven upskilling platform – Epitome Career Builder which handpicks the top courses for the users according to their skillset.

Converse with your professional network

The more we discuss, the more we learn.

If you’ve learned a new thing or found something interesting, discuss the same with your colleagues, friends or professionals from the concerned industry. There is a solid chance that you might get quality insights and learnings out of these conversations.

Be active on discussion forums like Quora, Reddit and make the best use of professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Reach out to industry leaders in your network and don’t be afraid to take the first step to build and learn from your network. Habituating this practice not only enables you to upskill on your expertise but also to groom your interpersonal skills to a greater extent.

Create a productive wfh schedule to save time for upskilling

Ever since the workforce has started operating from home, the work schedules and work-life balance have been disrupted and people found no time for other activities.

However, spending a good one or two hours to build a productive work-from-home schedule helps you get back on track. Following your own schedule allows you to save a considerable amount of time which could be used to go productive by upskilling yourself.

Save time, upskill and take your career to the next level!

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