Resume vs CV vs Portfolio - Which One Should A Fresher Own?

Graduating with just good grades is not enough. Freshers need to know the art of building a profile for themselves to stand out in the job market.

In this part of the interview preparation series, take a short moment to understand the key differences between a resume, CV, portfolio, and also know which one should you own to get your dream job.

What is a resume?

A resume is composed of one or two pages outlining the experiences and qualifications which are relevant to the desired position.

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What is a CV?

A CV is composed of two to eight pages, used by experienced professionals having a lot to mention about the desired position.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a bonus material to showcase your experience like internships and projects in a visual format. A portfolio can be in a form of a document or website(link). Consider any one of the forms that you are comfortable with.

Differences between a resume and CV


  1. A resume is used to apply for jobs.
  2. It is a one or two-page document, giving insights into your professional background and skills.
  3. A resume must always be relevant to your job description.


  1. A CV is used for academic purposes.
  2. A CV is a larger document that details the whole course of your career.
  3. A CV can remain constant for every job description.

As a fresher, recruiters tend to focus more on your resume, making sure that you know the basics(job) that you are applying for. A resume format for freshers is simple and easy to scan. 

But when it comes to CV, freshers lack work experience in the desired position they are aiming for. Hence it is not suitable for freshers and the resume becomes a go-to option for a newbie. On the other hand, a portfolio is easier to showcase your skills and give you more advantage over other candidates than most of the applicants do not know about it. 


A resume and portfolio are a great way to give insights to the recruiters about your basic skills and practical knowledge about the desired position.

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