Should You Disclose Your Other Job Offer During An Interview?

Interview questions can be very tricky. The quick-witted ones tend to face them like a boss. But not everyone has a clear answer to crack it.

Job offers are like double-edged swords. More than one at a time tends to lead to confusion and sometimes making a mistake. 

If you’re juggling between multiple job offers as a fresher or a professional, it is always better to disclose your other job offer during the interview.

Here are some cool examples of how to tell your potential employer about another job offer.

Should You Disclose Your Other Job Offer During An Interview? - Blog Meme

Example 1

  • “Hey, I got an offer from company A. But I’m still interested in your company, so if you give me a competitive offer, I’d prefer that. What do you think are my chances of getting an offer, and how soon?”

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Example 2

  • “I have something to add (at the end of the interview). I got a job offer from Company A, but I am willing to take your job offer since I am interested in this particular role. If you are willing to match the salary package, I am willing to accept your offer.”

Example 3

  • “I know that it is early in your process, but I wanted to let you know that I have received another job offer and must make a decision soon. If you feel the organization is still interested in my application, please let me know as soon as possible and we can discuss how best to move forward.”

It is an ordinary, professional, courteous thing to do. It is enough to be friendly and constructive when you speak to them.

The recruiter knows perfectly well that once you receive an offer from company A, the clock is ticking. They have no more than 24 hours to give you a counter-offer. Most employers move quickly when they get to the stage of making an offer. So company A probably expects you to respond to the offer within 24–48 hours, or else they’ll offer the job to another candidate.

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