7 Ways To Nail Down Your Dream Job Offer

There is beauty in everything around us. The best part is that once you start decoding something, be it the machine in front of you or the clock on the wall, the world around you never seems to be the same. In other words, an in-depth understanding is established around your focus area. And, doing so is easier than we think. It’s how Newton developed calculus and the three laws of motion. It’s how Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity. And, thankfully, it is also how you can improve your prospects of landing a dream job.

There are certain tricks of the trade that you can employ in your journey towards excellence. Here are some of them.

1. Develop a Passion For What You Do

Consider this: As an employer, you have to select between two candidates for a job. One of them is always enthusiastic about the work even beyond office hours, strives for impressive results, is always aware of the latest trends and picks them up naturally, and has a flair for learning. The other candidate focuses on the work, simply does what is asked for, and doesn’t have a clear enthusiasm to learn anything new unless it’s necessary. Which candidate are you most likely to pick? Obviously, the former.

Greatness cannot be achieved without being passionate about something. If you wish to be an asset to your employer or your team, you need to inculcate passion for what you do. 

The famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, having five Ballons d’Or and more than 800 goals in club and country football to his name so far, is a prime example. His former teammate, Tevez, says “If we trained at nine in the morning, you arrived at eight in the morning, he was already there. At half past seven, he was already there.” He adds, “When can you fool this guy? One day I arrived at six in the morning to grab him and he was already there.” It’s this passion that led his return to Manchester United for a deal worth a whopping 15 million euros with 8 million euros in add-ons despite being at the twilight of his career at the age of 37. So, if you truly want to excel in your field, be absolutely passionate about it. It will make you and your expertise indispensable in your field.

2. Create Your Personal Brand

If you want to be different, don’t lead a normal life, especially your professional one. Create a brand out of yourself. In this digital age, doing so is much simpler than you think. You can do so by posting your achievements on social media, maintaining a blog or website, or sharing your expertise by taking part in discussions or helping a friend out. Show the world that you are someone to look out for and they will help you achieve your goals.

From the perspective of an employer, social profiling is that nearly everyone does nowadays. It gives employers a better idea if your personality will suit their work culture. In such cases, if your recruiters come across your professional posts made with enthusiasm, they are more likely to not only screen you but also give you higher preference during the final rounds of selection.

3. Pitch Yourself Better

If you feel you are good enough, it’s better to go ahead and grab the opportunity that’s right in front of you. Does it make sense to send the same resume and cover letter to tens of prospective employers? You need to pitch yourself better.

Personalize your resume and cover letter based on the unique employer. For instance, while some employers will mention in their job description that ‘sales experience’ is needed, others may ask for ‘vending experience’. They’re both technically the same thing. However, this fine detail can easily get missed by a resume screening solution. Even after screening, if an employer prefers ‘vending’ over ‘sales’, your chances immediately improve by using the same convention. Similarly, rather than having a monotonous and universalized cover letter, you should create a unique pitch that’s tailor made for the organization and the given job role.

4. Keep Expanding Your Network

As the famous saying goes ‘your network is your net worth’, you will be surprised to know the advantages a great network equips you with. It not only gives you superior insights and a better connect with the industry, it can also pave the way for some great opportunities, leads, referrals, and testimonials. The bottom line is that quality connections can take you to the top of your industry. You can find people who help you out at different stages of your career trajectory by expanding your network and maintaining it effectively.

5. Have a Plan

Everyone has a dream. However, the ones who work hard and make the right moves to achieve their dreams get their due opportunities. It is no different when you want to land a dream job.

You must achieve greater clarity and make a plan to land the job that you want. Suppose you wish to become a software developer at Google. Rather than leaving everything on roll of the dice, actively look out for what is the recruitment process of Google and how you can clear all of its rounds. If your current qualifications don’t make a cut, work on your shortcomings and stay focused on the goal. Keep yourself posted about the job role and whenever there’s a vacancy and you’re ready, make your move. In a nutshell, create a workable plan with clearly defined goals and stay determined and disciplined to achieve them.

6. Keep Upskilling Yourself

Today, we live in the age of skill economy. It’s natural for you to keep up with the advancements of technology and changes in the jobs market, or you’ll simply be left behind. With the help of online platforms, you can expand your expertise, learn new skills, and become relevant to the job market. When given a choice between a fully qualified individual and an individual who has been educated well but is still learning new skills, many employers would choose the latter.

7. Leverage Technology

With technology driving everything from household to businesses, it’s a nice idea to leverage the same for your job hunt. These days, there are dedicated platforms, such as Epitome Career Builder, that curate job recommendations, in-demand profiles, and skill demands within an industry using Artificial Intelligence. Such platforms even go a step ahead and recommend the top companies that you can work with in your industry and the upskilling courses that can help you achieve your goals. With a guided career roadmap and constant updates based on the latest industry trends, you can take your career building to a different level altogether with technology.

Being an effective job seeker is all about taking the right opportunities and making the right moves at the right time. Using the abovementioned points, you can make sure that you always stay ahead of the curve in your job hunt. All the best!

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